Analysis of the characteristics and installation process of WPC decking

The development of society is inseparable from the power of science and technology. We live in big cities, and science and technology have improved our living standards and quality of life. Not only that, many fields are now covered by our scientific and technological power. The understanding of many building materials can also be discussed from the technological awareness of materials.
To talk about the current building materials, we are talking about WPC decking. Although the production of this material is simple, the test of science and technology is to combine these two materials to make a new material. This is what we need to know of.

A large part of the production technology of WPC decking still exists in chemical research, because the raw material of this product is not one material, which is why many people like to use high technology now, because once a variety of materials are combined, they will There are various properties, which will greatly improve the life of the product during use. With the gradual depletion of global resources, the increasingly serious environmental pollution, and the increasingly serious impact on human life, people's awareness of environmental protection began to gradually strengthen. Under the general trend of environmental protection and low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction have become the primary criteria for people to choose. Compared with traditional solid wood, recyclable WPC is more in line with people's concept of environmental protection. WPC composite materials have been widely used in all walks of life, and WPC decking is one of the achievements.

The new WPC composite material combines the advantages of natural wood and plastic, including:

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof
It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in humid and multi-water environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used.

2. Anti-insect, anti-termite Effectively eliminate pest harassment and prolong service life.

3, colorful, many colors to choose from It not only has natural wood feeling and wood texture, but also can customize the color you need according to your own personality.

4. Strong plasticity Can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully reflect the individual style.

5. High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution, recyclable The product does not contain benzene, and the formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than the EO level standard, which is the European environmental protection standard. The recyclable utilization greatly saves the amount of wood used, which is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefits the society.

6. High fire resistance Can effectively flame retardant, the fire rating reaches B1 level, self-extinguishing in case of fire, does not produce any toxic gas.

7. Good machinability Can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled and painted.

8. Simple installation and convenient construction No complicated construction process is required, saving installation time and cost.

9. No cracking, no swelling, no deformation No need for maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, saving later maintenance and maintenance costs.

At present, WPC materials have been widely used in multiple fields such as architecture and garden landscape. Our company's product range covers hundreds of categories such as WPC decking, WPC railings, WPC gallery racks, WPC gazebos, WPC flower boxes, WPC lounge chairs, WPC trash bins, WPC wall panels, WPC signboards, WPC trays, WPC furniture, etc. At the same time, the company can customize products with special functions for customers according to the individual requirements of customers to meet the different needs of various customers, which is deeply loved by the public.

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