Application of wpc composite material in landscape engineering

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of my country's new urbanization construction, it has become a major and urgent task to protect the environment, promote the healthy and high-speed development of the landscaping industry, and adhere to the path of intensive, energy-saving and ecological sustainable development. As a new type of material with energy saving, environmental protection, recycling and low carbon, wood-plastic composite material fully meets the needs of new urbanization construction, and has gradually been used in garden landscapes and has become the preferred material.

Paving application

Outdoor site paving is a common way to extend open space as a building space, and it is widely used in garden construction. The choice of wood as the paving material is mainly to meet people's dual needs for function and spirit. Although ordinary wood can achieve a good landscape effect, the open space of the garden makes it more affected by the natural environment, and is prone to deformation, corrosion, and fading. The use of wpc composite materials can effectively reduce the maintenance cost in the later period, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. In garden construction, common paving includes steps, platforms, etc. When applying wpc composite to step paving, it is mainly used as a tread. The material thickness should be higher than 30mm to form a comfortable road texture. Common installation methods are divided into two types: flat ground anchoring and overhead: flat ground anchoring installation is to anchor the plate on the foundation, which is suitable for straight or small slope roads. Overhead installation is to connect the plate with the steel structure longitudinal beam, which is mainly used on roads with large slopes or special mountaineering paths. Overhead installation can use hollow design, so that people can experience the magnificence of nature through visual senses and have a good experience of being in the real world.

Facility application

The facilities in the landscape garden are mainly to meet the functions of rest, safety and viewing, and the common ones include railings, seats, signs and so on. The strong and durable characteristics of wpc composite composite materials can replace other materials for the above facilities, which not only reduces the construction cost, but also has the advantages of comfortable use and high integration with the natural landscape. Wpc composite composite materials are mainly used in railings to consider the design of columns and grilles. The distance between the columns can form certain psychological hints to people. In the application, attention should be paid to the consistency of the color of the seat material along the road and the pavement to create an integrated landscape effect. When used as a sign, wpc composite has the advantages of lower construction cost and stronger plasticity. It is recommended to render the color of the sign separately, and choose a low-brightness material color and highlight the information in white, so that people can quickly identify the sign and its content.

architectural applications

The building structure in ordinary gardens is generally relatively simple, and wood as the main building material can meet the functional requirements. From the perspective of cost, energy-saving gardens use a large number of WPC composite materials in the selection of building materials. The buildings in the garden mainly include landscape pavilions, landscape bridges, etc. Landscape pavilion is the most common facility in gardens, and it plays the role of embellishing gardens while providing people with rest.

In summary, wpc composite materials are widely used in many fields of energy-saving garden construction with good application characteristics. In the construction, the color and texture characteristics of the materials should be fully combined, and the overall style and appearance of the garden should be considered for a reasonable choice. Low-cost, sustainable construction goals are achieved through the combination of different materials. There is still room for development in the application of wpc composite materials in paving, facilities and construction. It is believed that with the continuous development of material technology, new and suitable materials can be used in a wider range of fields in the future to create a more natural and harmonious urban living environment.

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