How much is WPC decking per square meter

How much is WPC decking per party? I can tell you very clearly that there is no specific conclusion. From the market conditions I know, there are from dozens of yuan per square meter to more than one thousand per square meter. As for why there is such a big difference, this requires an all-round analysis from the customer's specific requirements for WPC decking, application scenarios to production processes, and then chooses according to your own budget, and you must not blindly compare prices.

WPC decking is classified from application scenarios and can be divided into indoor and outdoor use. Generally speaking, the price of indoor decking is much lower than the price of outdoor decking (of course, different manufacturers have different quality, different craftsmanship, and this may not be completely the case). The indoor environment is relatively balanced in terms of temperature and humidity. The quality requirements are not so high, the requirements for the manufacturing process are relatively low, and the price is low, dozens to hundreds of yuan per square meter can basically meet the needs as indoor s. Outdoor environment, large temperature difference between cold and heat cycle, strong ultraviolet rays and erosion by rain, snow, wind and frost are all tests for outdoor decking. Therefore, outdoor WPC decking has higher requirements on manufacturing process and quality, and the quality is good or bad. The quality of weather resistance is an important factor in determining the price of WPC decking. The price of WPC decking for outdoor use on the market is about one hundred yuan per square meter to five or six hundred per square meter, and the better ones are five to six hundred to more than one thousand per square meter.

How much does WPC decking cost? Different manufacturers have different brands, different materials, different specifications and models, and different usage scenarios. The pricing is different, and the quality is also uneven. How to choose, customers need to use their own budget cost and use Ask to visit. Under the conditions allowed by the budget, inspect the strength of the factory and the test data of each product, choose a manufacturer with relatively reliable quality, and you get what you pay for. Don’t choose WPC decking that is cheap and of poor quality because of the greed for temporary cheapness. The final engineering effect is not only devastated, but also adds more and additional maintenance costs.

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